The Kosher Guru Highlights Norman’s Dairy’s Natural Ingredients

Rutherford, New Jersey… A new video was released this week by Norman’s Dairy highlighting the demand for kosher yogurt products produced with only natural ingredients. Starring the highly touted Kosher Guru, the video includes a tour of the Norman’s plant, the only exclusive Cholov Yisroel factory in the nation.  Norman’s is the recognized leader in innovation and vigilant quality control, so it is not surprising that they are sticklers when it comes to using the most natural ingredients possible.

This is life. Summer is all about eating light and healthy

Rutherford, NJ – This is life. Period. It’s Norman’s theme for healthy living during the upcoming summer season. Norman’s Dairy’s is helping customers create the summer experience they dream about. With the sun shining and temperatures rising, it is only natural to want to eat lighter and go easy on the calories. Norman’s aims to help you do that without feeling deprived!

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