This is life. Summer is all about eating light and healthy

Rutherford, NJ – This is life. Period. It’s Norman’s theme for healthy living during the upcoming summer season. Norman’s Dairy’s is helping customers create the summer experience they dream about. With the sun shining and temperatures rising, it is only natural to want to eat lighter and go easy on the calories. Norman’s aims to help you do that without feeling deprived!

Whether you find yourself on the road, at the beach, in the country or at camp this summer – there is nothing like Norman’s yogurts which are protein-packed, healthy and convenient, and a great low-calorie option. During the summer, many find themselves swapping heavy wintery meals for lighter meal choices. Yogurt is made for summer eating as the protein satisfies hunger which keeps stomachs from growling for salty, high-calorie snacks during long summer days. Yogurt is no longer just eaten from the cup, but can be jazzed up with summer fruits and berries, mixed into a smoothie or popped into the freezer in homemade popsicles.

“Norman’s yogurt is not simply something that lurks around your refrigerator. It is part of your life, a healthy staple that comes along with you, stays with you during all your summer fun-filled moments,” said a spokesman for Norman’s. Committed to providing the highest quality yogurt, Norman’s delicious yogurt lines include – Taste, Low-Fat, 80 Lite, and Poppers in an extensive range of delectable flavors. Their award-winning Greek yogurt lines include Greek Original, Light, Creamy Blends, and Kids and are available in all kosher supermarkets around the country and abroad. No summer is complete without Norman’s yogurt – just grab a cup before you leave the house and you’re ready to face the day!