The Norman’s Dairy journey...

Norman’s Dairy is a major Chalav Yisrael dairy manufacturer that produces an extensive line of quality yogurt and other products. Acquired in 2012, Norman’s quickly gained a reputation for its innovation, creativity and quality in producing some of the finest yogurt products.


Norman’s developed a new generation of yogurts that featured the rich texture and magnificent taste of products, exceeding the standard in the marketplace. It made headlines when it became the first to introduce Chalav Yisrael Greek yogurt products, developed by its highly professional product development team. All of its product development and manufacturing is done at its own modern state-of-the-art exclusive Chalav Yisrael plant in Rutherford, NJ. In recognition of this achievement as well as its highly touted best-tasting kosher yogurt, Norman’s received the coveted Kosherfest ‘Best New Dairy Product Award’ in 2013 for its classic Greek nonfat yogurt. It became the forerunner to a Chalav Yisrael yogurt revolution with the quick introduction of Greek Light, Creamy Blends, Kids, Stackers, and Pro+, as well as a line of regular yogurt.


Norman’s prides itself as being responsive to the wishes and desires of its customer base, whether it be taste or health. Its product development team is closely attuned to the needs of its loyal customer base. It is no wonder that within a few years, Norman’s became the category leader outselling its competitive brands.