Norman’s brings exotic new yogurt flavors to supermarket shelves this summer.

Extended line of Taste and Creamy Blends Greek Yogurt

Rutherford, NJ – School may be out and the summer is in full swing, but the machines at Norman’s factory in Rutherford, NJ  continue to churn out new and exciting flavors. Summer is the perfect time to extend the Taste and Creamy Blends Greek Yogurt lines, as the warmer weather means eating lighter and going easy on calories.

Building on their success with Taste and Creamy Blends Greek Yogurt, Norman’s have now added four new flavors to each line. Taste, Norman’s non-fat yogurt with all natural ingredients, will now feature Blueberry, Banana Cream, Orange Cream, and Pomegranate. With Taste Norman’s continues to create the ultimate mouth-watering yogurt experience, with healthy goodness in every spoonful.  While Madagascar Vanilla, Island Mango, Passion Fruit, and Cinnamon Bun are all new additions to the Creamy Blends line, Greek yogurt produced with 2% milk fat to produce the ultimate in delectable, velvety creaminess.

“We have a wonderful relationship with our customers and any feedback or suggestions that we receive are immediately taken on board. Many of Norman’s fans requested new and exotic flavors, so we have answered accordingly with these wonderfully delicious new flavors. We are especially excited about the uniqueness of the Madagascar Vanilla flavor. Madagascar is an island off the coast of Africa that sits on a rock of volcanic lava. This lava adds a rare richness to the island’s soil which means that the quality of the vanilla beans produced are incomparable to any others in the world,” said a spokesman for Norman’s. “The black dots you find in your yogurt are the seeds found inside the vanilla bean that act as the flavor carriers and add what we like to call a special ‘vanilla bean’ texture. Remember we’ve handpicked the purest vanilla beans just for you!”

Committed to providing the highest quality yogurt, Norman’s is recognized as a pioneer in the cholov yisroel industry. Norman’s boasts their very own yogurt facility which fosters great innovation, and allows for vigilant quality control and high kashrus standards.

Their delicious yogurt lines also include – Low-Fat, 80 Lite, and Poppers in an extensive range of delectable flavors. In addition to Creamy Blends, Norman’s award-winning Greek yogurt lines include Greek Original, Light, and Kids and are available in all kosher supermarkets around the country and abroad. Your summer is better with Norman’s new flavors – there is nothing like them in the world!