Supporting the community in Lakewood, NJ

New Jersey…Norman’s Dairy is all about family and community! So when it comes to supporting important causes in the Jewish community, they are always first in line. Therefore, it is no surprise that  Norman’s treated community members to their highly-touted Greek yogurt at two of Lakewood’s recent fundraisers. Norman’s featured beautifully decorated Greek Yogurt Bars at the Special Children’s Center’s ‘A Taste of Something Special’ on April 26th and again at Hatzolah of Lakewood’s ‘Moments of Appreciation’ evening on May 11th.

Opening its doors 15 years ago, the Special Children’s Center is a non-profit community organization that helps children with special needs and provides support for their families. The Center offers daycare, after school programs, summer camp and weekend respite for the children and their families. In addition, Hatzolah of Lakewood, the volunteer Emergency Medical Service organization servicing the Lakewood community, staged a premier night out for women complete with cooking demonstrations, video presentation and a musical performance.

Both events featured a variety of kosher food vendors who were happy to support such an important and worthy cause. Norman’s was proud to offer their Greek Yogurt Bar, complete with fruit, candy toppings and delicious syrups. Attendees to both events enjoyed Norman’s Original Greek, Greek Lite and Creamy Blends Yogurt in a range of delectable flavors such as Vanilla, Strawberry, Pomegranate, Peach and Mandarin Orange. “We love providing Greek yogurt for these events because we really get to interact with the yogurt eaters themselves. it’s wonderful to hear feedback and suggestions from our customers,” said a spokesman for Norman’s. “One attendee at ‘At Taste of Something Special’, would not budge on the fact that she disliked lemon flavored food. Her friend pushed her to try the lemon-flavored Creamy Blends yogurt and after one spoonful she was hooked. I see this happen time and time again, it’s great!”

“We are so proud to have taken part in these wonderful events, it’s a great way for us to give back to the very community that supports us.” Norman’s is committed to helping the Jewish community and thanks both The Special Children’s Center and Hatzolah of Lakewood for providing opportunities to contribute in such unique and exciting ways.