Norman’s Yogurt Factory

The new school year has begun and, in many homes, so have the rushed mornings. Although we know a healthy breakfast is essential to a good start to our day, many of us skip this very important meal. It’s often so hectic that there’s barely time to grab a bite. Need a quick, delicious, healthy way to have breakfast and be on time, too? I spotted some great ideas for breakfast on my tour of Norman’s Dairy Inc., in Rutherford, New Jersey, the only kosher yogurt plant that makes only chalav Yisrael products.

To enter the factory, we pass through the warehouse. But wait! Before we enter the room where the yogurts are made, everyone needs a hairnet. There are also special beard nets for workers and visitors with beards. And, as the room with the machines is noisy, earplugs are offered to block out the noise. Just don’t forget to remove them when we explain what’s going on. The workers also don special white uniform coats with their name embroidered on it.

The process begins in those large tanks over there. First the milk 1 is poured longer it’s heated, the thicker it will be. Then it’s cooled to about 112°F (44°C). Now bacteria is added. Not the kind that makes you sick, but a healthy kind. That’s what makes milk into yogurt. The bacteria eats the sugars in the milk, and as it does, it produces something called lactic acid. Lactic acid makes milk curdle (become clumps). After the milk is mixed with the bacteria, it has to incubate for at least four hours. The more it waits, the tarter the taste will be.

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