Norman’s Dairy always ahead of the curve…

Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon. Speaking of firsts, Norman’s Dairy introduced the first Cholov Yisroel Greek yogurt at Kosherfest in 2013, where it was awarded Best New Dairy Product of the Year. Developed by a panel of experts, Norman’s Greek yogurt is produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

Here’s how our Greek yogurt is produced in our exclusive Cholov Yisroel plant:

It begins by fermenting milk with live bacterial cultures. Then the yogurt is strained so that the liquid is removed. When the whey is gone, the yogurt takes on a thicker texture than traditional yogurt. Straining the whey also removes all fat content, resulting in high protein, low-calorie, fat-free, and creamy Greek yogurt.

5 Reasons to Go Greek

Hearth Health

The trouble with snacking is that a lot of the things we like to eat are high in fat and cholesterol–two things that can cause trouble for your heart. Greek yogurt takes the guesswork out of the equation; a 6 oz. serving of Greek yogurt contains 0 g of saturated fat and cholesterol. This means you can eat as much yogurt as you want, without putting your heart at risk.

Bone Health

Greek yogurt is made from a highly concentrated form of milk, so you’re actually getting more calcium per mouthful than you would if you drank a glass of fresh milk. The composition of Greek yogurt averages at about 20 percent calcium, making it an effective bone strengthener. This also makes it an ideal choice to get the extra calcium that we all need later in life.

Weight Management

Greek yogurt can count itself among high satiety index foods. Many dietitians agree that foods with high satiety indices bring about more gustatory satisfaction than others, pound for pound. This means that 6 ounces of Greek yogurt will make you feel fuller than, for example, 6 ounces of clear soup. Even if you eat exactly the same amount of each, Greek yogurt simply feels more satisfying than soup, making you eat less of it in comparison.

Muscle Accretion

For those of us that are bodybuilding buffs, you will be glad to know that Greek yogurt is also 30 percent protein, making it a rich source of muscle-building nutrients. Combined with its low-fat properties, this makes it a tasty, guilt-free treat.

Tasty Food Combinations

Another thing that makes Greek yogurt great for snacking is that its flavor is flexible enough to allow for a wide variety of tasty and healthy toppings, whether as a breakfast, snack, or any other meal. If you are in the mood for something fruity, you can mix in your favorite berries with Greek yogurt for a zesty dessert. Breakfasts are both creamy and crunchy when you’ve got granola in your yogurt. If you’re looking for something simple to wind down your day, a spoonful or two of honey makes Greek yogurt taste divine. Not only do many foods taste good on Greek yogurt, but Greek yogurt also goes great on other foods. Try it out as a dressing on your next salad. Bring out your saucepan and dazzle your taste buds with Greek yogurt pasta sauce. The world for experimentation is wide open with Greek yogurt.